Clint Bedsole

Reduce Property Taxes

Clint is frustrated over the Texas Legislature’s failure to pass any meaningful property tax reform in the last session. As a member of the Texas House, Clint’s first priority will be to apply the brakes to the state’s skyrocketing property taxes. He does not believe that massive, appraisal-driven tax increases are necessary, and will work to bring taxes down—just as he advocates for lower rates as a board member of CoServ, an area electric cooperative.


Strengthen Our Kids’ Schools

The father of three children who attend Frisco public schools, school finance reform is a key issue for Clint. Reforming our school finance system is also the key to lowering property tax rates. Seventy percent of our tax bill goes to our schools, yet we still export a large part of our school tax revenue to other parts of the state. Clint will be a responsible steward of the taxpayers’ money, while providing the hardworking teachers of Texas with all the tools they need to provide an outstanding education to our kids.


Border Security

Clint understands the very real threats an open border creates. He will work to secure our border, keeping the violent drug cartels and other criminals out of Texas.


Protect Family Values

Clint is a social conservative who believes that traditional values best ensure that the society we live in remains moral and just.


100% Pro-Life

Clint believes the unborn deserve the same protections afforded to every other individual in our society.


Clint Bedsole

Advance our Gun Rights

Clint is a firm defender of the Second Amendment, an avid hunter and a lifelong member of the NRA. Like our founding fathers, he firmly believes that an armed citizenry keeps government tyranny at bay.


Less Government, More Freedom

Clint is a business owner and entrepreneur who has personal experience with one of the main obstacles hindering business growth—out-of-control government regulation. Clint believes that government should eliminate unnecessary regulations, unleashing the powers of innovation and productivity that Texas business is known for.


Balance Budget, Cap Spending

When times were tough, both in his personal and business life, Clint tightened his belt and cut back on spending to make ends meet. Government should also learn to live within a budget. Clint believes in responsible state spending that serves the needs of Texans, but does not require them to give up individual economic freedom.


Clint Bedsole

Create Good Jobs

Clint believes good jobs are a fundamental requirement for a thriving society, and as a business owner, he has put his beliefs into practice. As our next state representative, Clint will work to ensure our part of the state continues to thrive, and will provide good-paying jobs to the community.


Prevent Voting Fraud

Clint believes the right to vote is fundamental—but that only eligible citizens have that right, and can exercise it only once each election.


Defend the Constitution

Clint believes the Constitution is the guarantor of the rights of each citizen. As the foundation of our democratic society,